Rusher Air has been a pioneer in this technology, and has been designing and installing both residential and industrial Hydronic Radiant Heating systems for over 70 years.

People are warmed in the same way as they are warmed by sunshine on a cool day. Floor drafts, cold spots, and dry air are eliminated. Dust, air contaminants, bacteria, and low humidity levels - all problems associated with forced-air heating, are nonexistent in a home with a properly designed Hydronic Radiant Heating system.



What is Radiant Heat?

Hold your hand over a hot cup of coffee and feel the heat. The typical conclusion is that heat rises. Typical maybe, but incorrect! "Hot air" rises but "heat" can travel in any direction. That is why you can feel the heat of the cup even when you place your hand to the side of it. Radiant energy transfer is caused by a warm surface giving up its heat to a cooler surface.

Our human comfort relies just as much on radiant heat transfer as it does on air temperature, yet the majority of heating and air-conditioning professionals think only in terms of air temperature. (*Adapted from RPA-Info web site.) As a result, Americans are missing out on a truly comfortable living environment in their homes and businesses. By controlling both the air temperature and the radiant transfer of heat to nearby objects, radiant systems deliver a comfort that is unsurpassed.



Why Radiant Heating?

Air is a horrible conductor of heat. While the air coming from vents may be warm, it does not warm the objects in the room or radiate that warmth throughout the room. A hydronic radiant heating system takes advantage of the superior conductive properties of water to more efficiently heat your home by heating the objects in it. When you consider the supreme comfort provided by a hydronic radiant heating system you can see that you have options you may not have considered. If designed and installed correctly, a radiant heating system will last the lifetime of your home. And most of all, you'll be incredibly comfortable.

Ask Rusher Air if Hydronic Radiant Heat would be suitable for your heating requirements.